Re: [Evolution] printing bug #19604 and debian woody

On Tue, 2002-05-07 at 14:43, Leonardo Canducci wrote:
I know this bug has been fixed with latest gtkhtml snapshots. I even
know potato-ximian users can fix this problem subscribing evolution
snapshot channel with redcarpet. But I'm using debian-woody and I'm
getting quite annoyed with this problem (mail component crashes when
attempting to print) and I don't know how to fix it.

Obviously I don't have redcarpet (it's for ximian-potato debian only)
and I don't even know if I could use ximian-potato packages if I get
them by adding ximian to my apt sources.

Anybody resolved this problem? 
Plz help!

Leonardo -

I'm running evo 1.0.3 on a Debian woody-ish [1] system w/o seeing this
issue. I looked at the versioning for gtkhtml and it looks like the
ximian stable version 1.0.3-1.ximian.1 is actually greater than the
standard Debian testing version (1.0.2-1). Likewise for libgtkhtml20. I
would put ximian in your apt sources and give it a try (or download the
debs by hand and do a dpkg -i).

Ideally, I think you would want to put a pin in /etc/apt/preferences
that ensures the testing archives are prioritized over the ximian, and
then override that with apt-get install pkg-name/stable (assuming ximian
is the only stable archive in your sources.list) when you specifically
want a Ximian package.


[1] I started out with Potato but have gradually morphed towards Woody
w/o any real incident (other than red-carpet not working unless I build
from source). Currently glibc, XFree86 and a bunch of other major
packages are from testing but are living quite hapilly side-by-side with
my stable packages. The key to this success is a good working
preferences file (see my email from yesterday under "Debian ALERT..."
for my preferences file).

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