Re: [Evolution] sendmail -> procmail -> evolution, all on local host

On Wed, 2002-05-01 at 08:34, Fred Perloff wrote:
I am running sendmail on my localhost. It dumps my mail in
/var/spool/mail/$USER. Then I am running procmail to filter spam. Right
now procmail is moving filtered mail to $HOME/mail where I read it with

I would like to use evolution as my MUA. Can someone help me with the
syntax for the procmail filter to move mail where evolution can find it,
and where I should point evolution in Tools | Mail Setting | Receiving
Mail | server type & configuration in order to read the filtered mail

Note that it's not sendmail that puts the mail in /var/spool/mail/$USER.
That's done by the local delivery agent configured in, which
might be procmail. If it is, you can hook your filter in at delivery

I use this to run the "Procmail Sanitizer" on my system to clean
potentially hostile content from mail destined for my users.

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