[Evolution] IMAP over SSL


I tried setting up an SSL link to my IMAP server, but it ain't work...

Here is how I did:

- First I verified it works without SSL over the standard port. It

- Then I set up an sslwrap on port 993. I tested it by talking to the
server with telnet -z ssl <myserver> 993. I can talk to it, login and
logout, so it works.

- Then I set up a new account with Evo. I choose IMAPv4, in the host
field I enter <myserver>:993, I check the "use SSL" checkbox.

- When I click the "Verify supported types" button, I have a dialog
waying: 'Error during "Verification Service", Server unexpectedky
disconnected: IO Error' (roughly, it's translated from French)

What did I do wrong ? How to fix that ?


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