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/etc/printcap isn't even a "standard" on any unix system.

1. the location isn't a standard
2. its format isnt' a standard.

therefore it is useless for all intents.

On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 20:57, Anthony E. Greene wrote:
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On 27-Jun-2002/21:51 +0930, Not Zed <notzed ximian com> wrote:
[about specifying printers in Evo]
Not really.  Its more of a Unix issue.  Unix provides little in the way
of services of specifying printers and printer options.  Most other unix
applications, such as mozilla/netscape work in a similar fashion, as any
unix could be using any command to print using any syntax to specify the

What about parsing the printer names from /etc/printcap?

The textbox for "Printer" in the print dialog would need to be an editable
drop-down selection box, just like the "File" widget. The default choice
would be "lpr". Any printers found in /etc/printcap would be listed in the
order found:

  Printer: lpr
           lpr -P Laserjet
           lpr -P Copier
           lpr -P Color_Laserjet
           lpr -P Color_Deskjet
           lpr -P Plotter

If a printer has multiple names, only the first name should be shown.

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