Re: [Evolution] how many people actually use pgp over gpg, and why?

Le mar 25/06/2002 à 02:04, Jeffrey Stedfast a écrit :
I have just recently rewritten support for gnupg using the --status-fd
and --command-fd options so that we get a more interactive gnupg session
presented to the user.

This means that when you decrypt a message, we will be able to prompt
for a specific key rather than just saying "Please enter your GnuPG
passphrase" which I know a number of people complained about (they had
multiple keys).

Unfortunately, pgp5 and pgp6 do not support these interfaces and in fact
make it a bloody pain to use them at all. I've just recently discovered
that pgp6 in batch mode will prompt for the passphrase on stdout if the
passphrase sent to it's passphrase fd is invalid. This causes Evolution
to hang indefinetely and there is no easy way to fix this.

My feelings are that since Network Associates is no longer supporting
their pgp software and because it is such a royal pain to work with in
Evolution, that it is probably better if we remove support for it. If
you are dead-set on using pgp5 or pgp6 and refuse to use gnupg, you
should speak up now or I am going to remove support for them in
Evolution 1.1.x. I would also like to know why you won't use gnupg.

Jeff, I think you should have precise your question to "How many people
actually use pgp over gpg on Evolution supported platforms (ie Linux,
Unix and co..)..

Jeff question is not about messages sent by Window guys using PGP (since
PGP and GPP use a standard message format called OpenPGP and GPG is, of
course, able to interoperate with messages generated by PGP)

I think dropping PGP support for Evolution is ok, since all Linux (and
*BSD) distros ship with GPG (don't know about Solaris..)

Frédéric Crozat

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