[Evolution] Still having trouble sending via evolution (after mozilla install)


I'm still having a heck of a lot of trouble sending mail with evolution..
I've added the mozilla path:


I start it using:
env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/usr/lib/mozilla-1.0.0 evolution

When evolution stalls sending messages I

to regain some control over it..

It then sends one or two messages (perhaps more) and then just stops sending them out again..

This mail problem is becoming very dangerous to my work.. I can't remember half the time if I've sent a message or not as I'm never certain that it is going to go.. I've also lost data multiple times as when I cancel the send when it is stalled I can regain some but not all of the information at the time that I pressed submit..

this is a big drag.. I'm running Red Hat 7.2.. I've got the latest snapshot from evolution & mozilla..

What the heck is going on..

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