[Evolution] RE: Cannot allocate default font for printing

On Wed, 2002-06-12 at 04:16, Christopher Burnham wrote:

Good you got my email - I did find a fix actually (no help from the ximian
list though).
Im assuming you are using the Red Hat feature for the download/install. If
so, you should be able to dig up the package named "gnome-print". It will be
found under the Ximian Gnome Desktop/System Packages/gnome-print. Once I
installed that, it worked flawlessly-
Great alternative to Outlook - good luck

Thanx, Although the gnome-print package was already installed, after a
reinstall (remove, al install in Red-Carpet) everything worked.

Christopher C. Burnham

An cc of this message to the maillis, so it will be archived :)

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