[Evolution] Evo suddenly broke

I'm a longtime user of Evolution, but I unsubscribed
from this list when it started working flawlessly
(about 6 months ago). Quite the testament, no?

Anyway, yesterday I updated Evo (and Mozilla 1) and
now when I click the Evo icon I get an 'cannot
initialize the Ximian Evolution shell: Configuration
Database not found' error dialog.

my version:

And if I envoke from the command line:

[bg localhost oaf]$ evolution

evolution-shell-WARNING **: Cannot access
Bonobo/ConfigDatabase on wombat:

I tried the fixes in Ximian's knowledgebase (checked
paths and I have the correct version of mozilla nspr),
but nothing's working... Oh, I forgot all the cool
evolution troubleshooting tips since I haven't used
them in 6 months. :)

Thanks for any help.

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