Re: [Evolution] OT: Setting up a local mail server


I have a set-up that is perfect for me. I get the mail (POP3) using
fetchmail - then postfix and procmail delivers the mail to the
IMAP-server (Cyrus). 

Since I use a number of email clients (Mutt, Evolution, Mozilla) and
read my mail from a number of locations this is perfect :)

You might want to take a look at "How to set up IMAP on the cheap" - a
5-piece article on I followed this article pretty much
to the point to get my system up and running.

Best Regards & HTH //Anders

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 11:46:32PM +0000, Dan Hensley wrote:
The reason I'm asking on this list is that I know there are some who
have mentioned previously doing this.  I've been researching for a while
now, and I still have a lot of questions, so I was wondering if someone
could give me some pointers, links to a HOWTO, etc.  I'm having a hard
time finding information that concisely and clearly explains how all the
pieces fit together.

I have 3 different POP accounts that I regularly check.  I'd like to
turn my machine into a local server for these accounts so I can access
e-mail from anywhere on my local network and also through my firewall
for when I'm out of town.

I believe what I need to do is set up an IMAP server and use fetchmail
to download the POP e-mails to the IMAP server.  I believe I need some
kind of mail agent to take the e-mail downloaded by fetchmail and put it
in the right place for the IMAP server.

What I've done so far is compile and install courier-imap.  I set up 3
virtual users and verified that the server works.  That's it so far. 
I've been reading fetchmail, maildrop, and qmail documentation as well.

If anyone could give me some pointers I'd appreciate it.


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