[Evolution] For those who want to see "priority"

Consider this a micro-howto of sorts.....

NOTE: This does NOT do anything for sending, only for viewing received

If you want to see if an incoming message has a high or low priority (as
set by Outlook, Outlook Express, Kmail, and Netscape/Mozilla - which all
set X-Priority); all you need to do is set up some filters.  I created
two, one for low priority, and one for high priority.

What I did (I attached my filters.xml file for viewing) is create an
incoming mail rule, titled "High Priority", that has a match type of
"Any criteria", use selection of "Specific field", set the field to
X-Priority, set the match to contains (since the X-Priority may have
text along with the integer), set the value to 1, add a second match
rule exactly the same except replace the 1 with 2.  Then set the action
to something like making the color of the message red.

I then created another incoming rule with matches on 4 and 5 for
X-Priority, and marked them as blue.

Finally, I made sure that my folders are set to have filters run on them
automatically.  Now I can see when an incoming message has a specified
priority level - since 90%+ of the people I swap mail with use one of
the mentioned clients. (most of the rest being on Evolution like me)

This may or may not work for email received from other clients, since I
don't know what (if anything) they use to mark priority.

Lonnie Borntreger

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