Re: [Evolution] exceeded storage allocation

That is the error reported by your SMTP server, this is not something
you can work around in Evolution.

My best guess is that your mail server is out of hard drive space or
something? Or *was* when you tried to last send a message.


On Wed, 2002-07-31 at 09:59, Michael Gruner wrote:

trying to send a mail with evo 1.0.8 gives me: RCPT TO
response error:
Requested mail action aborted: exceeded storage
allocation: mail not
sent. What does that mean and how can i fix that
Two days ago there was no problem and I think I didn't
change anything in evo.
I'm not able to send any more mail via evo. Because
that I'm writing this message via web-front-end of my

best regards,


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