Re: [Evolution] Upgrade woes...

It is known that Evolution and kernel 2.5.x don't get along, but the
reason is unknown. Something to do with CORBA and data being sent in the
wrong byte order or something? I dunno. It's been discussed on the list
in the past.


On Tue, 2002-07-30 at 14:25, Ross Parker wrote:

I'm running Evolution 1.0.8 on Mandrake 8.2 with KDE version 3.0.2

Everything was fine until I upgrade my kernel. I was running the 2.4.18-6 
kernel and upgraded to 2.5.25 to get fast IDE support.

Now Evolution will start up ok, and I can do everything EXCEPT create messages 
-  I can't create new messages or reply. If I try, evolution will hang until 
I kill the evolution-addressbook process, at which time a compose window will 
open up but with no 'To' or 'Cc' text entry boxes.

So.... I'm trying to recompile Evolution to see if that'll straighten things 
out. I'm now getting lost in tiny details, I've installed bonobo-conf and 
gal, and am trying to compile gtkhtml but am having problems here. The latest 
(after two days of trying to sort out dependencies) is that I need the Gnome 
Configuration Applet libraries (capplet). I'm now trying to get 
control-center installed (as I believe it includes the above libraries), but 
it's looking for 'gobject-2.0'.

I actually have most of these objects installed already as part of my Mandrake 
install, however they are not installed with info that gnome-config requires.

First, can anyone explain why evolution started having problems when I 
upgraded the kernel?

Next, is there a way I can get around the gnome-config issue, i.e. can I 
supply the proper info to gnome-config for packages that I already have 



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