[Evolution] courier IMAP || Evo bug?

Has anyone had any problems reading HTML email from a Courier IMAP
server sent from a PHP script? :) 

I am using PHP to send back an email registration ... if I send the
email to Exchange server we have here and then read it with Evo  ( still
IMAP ) it works fine ... if I send the email to my Courier server and
the check it with Evo  it shows as plain text and the headers read as 
"Content-Type: text/plain"
yet I am setting the header in PHP to Content-Type: text/html

If I log into the server and read the mail there the Content-Type header
is text/html

If I use POP to check that same email ... it works fine it reads as html
and the header shows it as html

If I use Evo to send an html email everything works fine.

any ideas??

P.S.  I have also tried sending the email from a Cold Fusion page and I get the same behavior.


GPG key: http://www.omnichannels.com/keys/tom.asc

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