Re: [Evolution] Filter Questions

I've just implemented an "Unset Status" filter action in CVS.


On Sat, 2002-07-27 at 21:25, Jeff Bearer wrote:
I have a few questions about filters.  First off can somebody explain
how the regex filter is supposed to work  I've tried several things and
I can't get it to work.  Just a simple example of what it expects to see
in the text box would be great does it need m/.../ or just the
expression, etc.  I've been trying PCRE's so if it's posix re's then
I'll have to look up the differences.

Also what does the expression filter expect to see as opposed to the
regular expression filter?

Second, is there any filter functionality that is implemented in the XML
file that the UI doesn't have yet?  For example I'd like an action to
set status as un-read, it's not in the pull down in the UI, but maybe if
I tweak the xml file evolution would know what to do?  I'm only asking
that because with mozilla there always seem to be several features that
there aren't UI yet, that have been implemented in the config file.

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