[Evolution] RPMS for Palm m500 series


due to demand for Palm m500 compatible evolution RPMS I just put 4 RPMS
at the following URL:


evolution-1.0.8-et.3.i386.rpm           (binaries are stripped)
gnome-pilot-0.1.65-et.3.i386.rpm        (contains gnome-pilot-devel)

Just manually uninstall (rpm -e evolution gnome-pilot gnome-pilot-devel
gnome-pilot-conduits pilot-link ) the Ximian versions and manually
install these RPMS (rpm -i <files>).  Make sure you don't get the
updates from RedCarpet afterwards!  You should also kill the gpilotd
daemon if you want to use the new conduits.  Make sure you can talk to
the Palm with pilot-link first.

I made them with checkinstall 'cause I didn't find .spec files for
evolution and pilot-link.  Made on RedHat 7.3 with .tar.gz sources and
works also on RedHat 7.2.  No dependency checks so make sure you have
all the dependencies straight (should be ok if you installed
evolution-1.0.8 with RedCarpet before).  Somehow the RPMS are much
bigger than the Ximian releases (maybe someone could tell me why-lots of
.la and .a files).

I would like to have feed-back about dl times and if the RPMS work for
you.  This is my first shot at building RPMS.  I sure hope someday the
new versions of pilot-link (and corresponding gnome-pilot, evolution)
are put into the RedCarpet channels!!! (hint hint...)  It seems that the
0.11 versions of pilot-link don't work well with the eaddress conduit
(see [Evolution 1.0.8 + pilot-link 0.11.0 field mapping problem]


Etienne Tourigny
OM/EO Informatique

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