Re: [Evolution] Evolution 1.0.8 + pilot-link 0.11.0 field mapping problem

I had the same problem with my Palm m515 with a personal build of
pilot-link-0.11.1, patched gnome-pilot-0.1.65 and
gnome-pilot-conduits-0.9, evolution-1.0.8 (no CVS).  

After reading your mail I tested a build with pilot-link-0.10.99 and now
everything works fine!  Maybe it is because of recent changes in

I have RPMS of these apps, if anyone wants to get them I could post a
link.  It could be helpful to all those that have a m5xx and don't have
the time or patience to build everything.



I am using Mandrake 9.0 beta and when I sync my Sony Clie with Evolution
some of the Contact information is placed in the wrong categories.  The
name and organization information is correct, but the email addresses on
the Clie get mapped to "Other" in Evolution.  Also, the home phone
number on the Clie gets mapped to the business number in Evolution. 
This happens for many other fields as well.  Is there a way to map
fields from one to the other?  Thanks.
Roger Little
Xontech - Huntsville, AL
(256) 971-2973

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