[Evolution] Compiling Evolution against pilot-link-0.10.99

Hi !

I have a m125 Palm Pilot, and works under Palm OS4 which is only
compatible with pilot-link-0.10.99 (not the version of Red Carpet).

I've downloaded and installed pilot-link-0.10.99 and compiled
gnome-pilot against this librariy (this version don't use

The problem: Evolution conduits don't work.

To solve this I'm trying to compile Evolution from source against this
version of pilot-link, but while doing 'make' he pains saying that
requires libdb-3.1.17. My system uses libdb-3.2.so (needed by postfix),
I can't work without libdb-3.2.so

The question is: How can I compile evolution using this version of db3 ?

Another option: Is there any evo snapshot or rpm release that uses
pilot-link-0.10.99 ?

Thanks, I'm trying to use evo with my palm for 5 weeks.

(Excuseme, I know that I don't speak english very well).


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