Re: [Evolution] Connector with Evolution 1.1.x?

On Wed, 2002-07-24 at 12:45, Dan Winship wrote:
Is there a timeline when Connector will work with Evolution 1.1.x?

We're not planning to put out any prereleases of Connector 1.2. Sorry.

I also noticed that the Connector uses the web interface to the Exchange
server instead of the native MAPI protocol. Hence the need to have OWA
activated (I was wondering about that requirement). Are there any
functionality limitations because of this?

Connector 1.0 has a bunch of limitations just because we didn't have
time to do everything in the first release. 1.2 adds a bunch of stuff
like public folders, delegation, and direct booking.

Sounds good! So is there an anticipated time for the official release of
Connector 1.2?



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