[Evolution] This folder cannot contain messages

Hi all, 

I'm using evolution 1.0.5 talking to a courier-imap server, and one one
of the 3 imap accounts i have the the same server, my INBOX, which i've
been using successfully (even after i upgraded from 1.0.3 to 1.0.5), is
coming up with the above message when i try to access it.   I've tried
deleting the associated dirs in my evolution folder, along with deleting
th account from within evo, etc.... still no luck. 

I have 2 account subfolders -- one a branch off of the inbox and another
off the root of the account.  Each of my other accounts have one of
these, but neither has both 

My other two accounts on the same box are working famously. 

ideas, anyone?

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