Re: [Evolution] Delete flaking out on me.

On Wed, 2002-07-24 at 02:05, Lonnie Borntreger wrote:
Well, here's the really odd part.  The one that always has a problem
(work computer connected to work email), and the one that never has a
problem (home computer connected to work email) are pointing to the same

Well, the one that "never does this" just did it.  I restarted
evolution, and it worked properly again.  It seems to be a "luck of the
draw" kind of thing.

Does all the other stuff work, like reading a mail (and it getting
marked read), etc?  Is it 'busy' doing anything like filtering new mail?

Every thing else works.  I can mark it anyway I want (except deleted),
and it's not doing anything else that I can tell.  Maybe it's related to
the "Updating Folder Summary" thread lock??  (although it isn't locked
at this point)

I just noticed that I'm starting to get a lot of crashes trying to mark
a message as unread.  The mail component dies.

Lonnie Borntreger

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