[Evolution] Bugs with devel snapshot


I've been seeing 2 problems for the past few weeks.

First of all I've been getting a freeze several times per day.  I'm
using IMAP and evolution will freeze requiring a killev and restart to
get going again.  

The messaged displayed when hanging is:
Fetching summary information for new messages (100% complete)

It doesn't freeze every time it fetches the summary information, but
when it does freeze, that's where it is.

Second (and fairly minor), dragging and dropping to the shortcut bar
seems to be somewhat broken.  If you drag from the message view directly
on to the destination folder, it works.  If you drag on to the shortcut
bar and then try to move up and down to the destination folder, it won't
let you select the correct folder. 

Let me know what information you want/need to help debug.


Mark Logan
Project Manager
Visible Genetics Inc.

Phone: (416)813-3240 x4133
Fax  : (416)813-3249
Cell : (416)274-1559
Email: mlogan visgen com

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