Re: [Evolution] Where are external program settings for attachments?

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 12:02, Paul Hands wrote: 

Most of this stuff is in the gnome control centre.  From within
Evolution, it can be accessed by opening a new message window.  Then, in
the "edit" menu, there is a "properties" choice.  This gets you to the
control centre, where you can change the path. 

Thanks.  That's what I was looking for, I guess it's not a path issue. 
Here's the process listing I see: 

baphomet:[/usr/home/acowell] while true ; do ps waux | egrep pdf | egrep
-v grep ; done 
acowell  19942  0.0  0.4  2028  912 ?        R    12:18   0:00 sh -c
/tmp/evolution-1000-19608/evolution.mOhFoB/EWCBG03_215483\EWCBG03_215483.PDF & 

Run by hand with single ticks around '/usr/bin/xpdf /tmp/...83.PDF', it
works just fine.  Launched from evolution, though, xpdf doesn't pop up
and evidently the process immediately dies.  I tried running a strace
-f, and just don't see it calling the shell or xpdf.  The output is at .  There are two fork calls, but the
child in both just connects to a socket under /tmp/orbit?  I'm not
familiar with gnome at all, so maybe I'm missing something obvious
here.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 16:21, Andy Cowell wrote: 

I'm running 1.0.4.  I upgraded it and a few other things, and broke my 
xpdf for .pdf attachments.  It appears to be called correctly, but is 
called without an explicit path, so I think it's just a path issue. 
However, I can't find where this setting is stored at.  Any help? 
Andy Cowell
acowell scrippsops com
Senior Network Administrator
E.W. Scripps Corp. IT Operations and Engineering 
ph:   (865) 560-4652

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