Re: [Evolution] Re: Spell component using 95% cpu

tir, 2002-07-16 kl. 13:50 skrev Not Zed:
Looks to me more like gnome-spell is looping on a pipe read when ispell

But does ispell really crash? What if gnome-spell forgets signalling a
kill to ispell, and then ispell just waits around with nothing to do? 

My machine har the same problem, and on occation the
gnome-spell-component crashes and then we have no CPU hogging and no
orpaned ispell lying around. That is probably not conclusive, though. 

Which is a gnome-spell problem too.

That just might be it. 
It is sad that I do not have the skills to debug this. 

med venlig hilsen, Anna Jonna Armannsdottir       
There are graceful and politicized ways of approaching black students
about a race-conscious campaign against the prison industrial complex.
This was not one.

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