Re: [Evolution] Reply to attached messages

I meant that it is already there for 1.1


On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 14:39, Richard Zach wrote:

 ------- Additional Comments From rzach ucalgary ca  2002-07-16 11:20 -------
 Jeff, how do you reply to an attached message?  There's no context
 menu in the preview pane in 1.0.8; will it be there in 1.1?
+------- Additional Comments From fejj ximian com  2002-07-16 14:24 -------
+it's there now.
+you have to click a "View aMessages" thingy and then you get a
+message-list view of the forwarded message(s) and then you can

Sorry, Jeff, I don't get it.  Which "thingy"?  Both in a
multipart/digest, or if I forward a message (as attachment) to myself,
all I can seem to do is look at the attachment. There's no drop-down
menu like for other attachements (save, open with, etc).  Right-click on
the attachment does nothing.  (This is in 1.0.8 snapshot).

Richard Zach ......

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