Re: [Evolution] Addressbook Bug in Evo 1.0.7?

Am Son, 2002-07-14 um 22.26 schrieb Not Zed:
1) If I open a certain contact in the contacts component I get:
     "Application "evolution-addressbook" (process xxx) has crashed
     due to a fatal error.
     (Segmentation fault)
   It's weird because I can mark the contact and export it but I can't
   open it. It works fine at home with Evo 1.0.4. Why could that be?

I think some suse packages were built with the wrong version of libdb. 
It must be libdb 3.1.17.  For exactly this reason - that the db files
are version independent.

I heard of that before but my hope was that SuSE offers sensible updates
and corrects some things. Now, we added to the
company's software catalogue so it's possible to install the right
package. (A matter of administration...)

2) This may seem somewhat bogus. On my home machine Evo presents itself 
   in German. It does not at work and I simply don't know how to change
   Evo's mind. Any suggestions? (I think the machine at the office lacks

Are you setting the local stuff properly?

Argh, guess what: I completely forgot to set $LANG and $LC_LANG. Sorry!
That probably is the drawback of working with your systems for more than
a year instead of "playing around" daily. 

Finally, I have a minor request: Could you add an option to the
configuration settings to start Evo in off-line mode? It would save me
one click everytime I start Evo.

That bug just got fixed in 1.1.x.

Thank you, I'm looking forward to the 1.1 release.

Christian Schömer

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