[Evolution] Definitive comments on LINUX viruses

This isn't to say that other malware isn't possible, 
(the final comment on Ximian's red-carpet installer 
 very pertinent), but does make a few things clear:

David Skoll took a look at the real-world situation
and determined that the *NIX access control  and absence 
of 'auto execute' in *NIX MUAs means that social engineering 
is the only meaningful means of mail-borne malware attack.

Linux supporter challenges virus claim
... which is the news article and which leads to 


I very strongly recommend you read this to see what the REAL 
virus threats are for a LINUX workstation.  Of course if you are
using LINUX a a mail gateway to a network of MS-Windows workstations
things are rather different.

As always, I strongly recommend spending time at Rob Rosenberger 
Computer Virus Myths site - http://www.vmyths.com 


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(as an aside: if you are going to implement virus scanning 
 on Linux, even if this is a gateway for corporate use and
 has Windows workstations on the "inside", I'd strongly 
 recommend using VFIND

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