Re: [Evolution] Re: FRQ: Pipe incoming mail through AntiVirus tools

Am Fre, 2002-07-12 um 12.15 schrieb Anton J Aylward, CISSP:
On Fri, 2002-07-12 at 00:34, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

Along the same lines, solving problems that are already solved is also a
waste of time (if you want a virus scanner for your email, this is best
done on the SERVER not the CLIENT).

Damn Right!
And in a corporate setting the likelihood of a mail gateway or central
server is much greater.

What about the home user then? Im pretty sure that some of my
friends use Linux on their desktops, but I doubt that more than
one or two beside me use fetchmail to get their mails..

Windows users are used to mail clients that fetch the mails 
directly from the server.. You won't get them all to configure
fetchmail and procmail an avmailgate..

And the possibility to hook some antivirus application into evolution
to scan for viruses in the mailbox will give place for companies to
sell such solutions to the end-users that switch from one desktop to
"our" desktop..


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