Re: [Evolution] Stoopid UI question

No matter how you design something, the world will always invent a
stoopider (a better word than virii, to be sure!) user. Make a box with
one switch on it, that only goes one direction, and only does one
thing,and is labeled 'on' and 'off' and there WILL be a 'user' who is
confused by it. In shrot, there si simly no way to engineer around the
stupidity of all users. :-) Just my opinion, of course. :-)


On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 11:44, Tom Cross wrote:

One of our users here received an email with an attachment and had to
call the IS guys to help figure out how to save the attachment.  The
reason?  She saw the "Save to Disk" option and figured that since she
didn't have a floppy disk to save it on, that was NOT the option she
wanted to use.

So now I wonder if anyone else thinks this is a big deal?  Would it help
if the option was changed to "Save attachment"?

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