Re: [Evolution] FRQ: Pipe incoming mail through AntiVirus tools

Am Don, 2002-07-11 um 10.28 schrieb Dan Hensley:

BTW: Whats the correct english plural for "virus" ?
(as you can undoubtedly see, english is not my native language :)

Hi Matthias,
      "Virii" is the plural of "virus" (I bet that was obvious :).  I know a
lot of people use "viruses", so it may be acceptable when talking about
a computer virus.  

Thank you very much for enlightening me.
I think it wont be easy for me to get used to use "virii" instead of
viruses :)

I also thought I'd point out a few others, since
you're nice enough to ask about "virus".  "Didnt" and "whats" require
apostrophes, since they are contractions.  In other words, "didn't" and
"what's" are correct, since you are trying to say "did not" and "what
is".  Also, "its" requires an apostrophe if you are trying to say "it
is" (again, a contraction).

Yeah, well heh that was just my laziness coming through ;)
(/em takes a mental note to use apostrophes in the future)
Maybe i should just get spellchecking working lol.

      By the way, your English is quite good.  Much better than my German. :)


Matthias Hentges


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