Re: [Evolution] gnupg

Am Mit, 2002-07-10 um 23.13 schrieb Michael Rothwell:
Marcus Franke wrote:
I'm using this:

in outlook and don't have any problems. I'm using GnuPG via Mozilla, 
Evolution, and Outlook, depending on where I'm at and what machine I'm 
using. They all seem to interoperate.

What are you (or your recipients) using for GPG/PGP in Outlook?
My friends use maybe Outlook(Express), Eudora, whatever mail-
client for windows. Their "problem" is the multiparted presentation
of the message with the signature presented as an attachment..

Nothing I would think about, but as I am a kind and gentle person
I thought I could help them to feel a bit more comfortable :)

I do not think that anyone of them has some cryptographic software
or plug-ins installed..


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