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I have a little Problem with Evolution and gnupg signed
messages.. Or, better to say, some lost souls using
Microsoft Outlook have problems with my signed mails.

Evolutions sends signed mails as multipart mails, while
Evolution can handle this and shows the lock symbol and
no other attachments Outlook shows the signature as one

Some of my friends now complain now about this and ask
me to send unsigned messages, which I do not want..

So, could I configure Evolution to send the signed
message as full inline text??

Or is there a RFC concerning mail that demands this
multipart behaviour? I looked around but did not find
an option to change from multipart to inline..

I use Evolution 1.0.2 with SuSE 8.0 and gnupg 1.0.6.

This leads to a second question:

I have seen that there is a rpm file with version 1.0.8
of evolution on the ximinan ftp server compiled for
the SuSE 8.0, but how do I update the package?

Just download the file and do rpm -Uhv? Or do I need to
uninstall the Evolution-1.0.2-SuSE before installing


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