Re: [Evolution] smtp server settings

Edit ~/evolution/local/Outbox/mbox and remove all X-Evolution-Transport

The settings get saved on the message when you first try to send the
message, and so changing account info later will not work.


On Tue, 2002-07-09 at 12:11, Eric Baplue wrote:

I'm using evolution for a few months at home and now I have put a second
mail account in it (for my job). To send from my job I have to use a
different smtp server and so I put it in the account Editor Sending mail

I have now 2 accounts with a different smtp server.

When I select my second account as default he still use the smtp server
from the first account.

For testing I changed the smtp server from my first account to the new
smtp server and yes, ... or no he still use the smtp server from my
privat account, but I can't find him any more in any dialog screen. I
have restart my system several times, tryed everything but he evolution
still use the smtp server that is no longer in the mail settings.

Where does evolution writes his settings?



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