[Evolution] The evolutionPerson objectclass?

I am working on adding detailed documentation of Evolutions LDAP support
to my LDAP presentation (ftp://kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/ldapv3.pdf)

When attempting to determine contact element to ldap attribute
correlation I discovered the evolutionperson.schema file.  But this file
is not included in my binary (RPM) distribution.  Is there a reason this
file is not included?

Also the evolutionPerson objectclass names inetOrgPerson as its
superior,  but claims to be structural.  This objectclass should be
auxillary.  An auxillary objectclass extends an existing object class
(here inetOrgPerson).  A structural objectclass defines an entirely new
object that cannot be considered an extension of any existing
objectclass.  Most DSAs enforce the LDAP structural rule that and object
can only possess a single structural objectclass attribute,  other
objectclass attributes must be auxillary.
objectclass     (
    NAME 'evolutionPerson'
        DESC 'Objectclass geared to Evolution Usage'
    SUP inetOrgPerson
        MAY (
fileAs $ primaryPhone $ carPhone $ homeFacsimileTelephoneNumber $
otherPhone $ businessRole $ managerName $ assistantName $ assistantPhone
$ otherPostalAddress $ mailer $ birthDate $ anniversary $ spouseName $
note $ companyPhone $ callbackPhone $ otherFacsimileTelephoneNumber $ 
radio $ telex $ tty $ categories $ calendarURI $ freeBusyURI )

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