RE: [Evolution] Evolution on OS X problem

I've solved the Evolution on OS X problem somewhat. 
First I checked to see if the mozilla mail client
running under X Windows would connect to the imap
server at It did. So apparently
Evolution is having a problem with the ip address.

I then decided to add to my hosts file
with the name mulder and see if that made a
difference. After finding out that OS X does hostnames
a little differently (NetInfo) instead of using
/etc/hosts, I got mulder to be recognized from OS X.
So I fired up Evolution again and configured it to
connect to mulder instead of SUCCESS!!!
Evolution found the imap server and set up my

So from what I've discovered, Evolution will connect
to my imap server using a host name but it won't
connect using an ip address.

Sorry if this is wrapping at 50 characters. This would
be the result of Yahoo.

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