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The problem is simply that 1.1 no longer sends a NOOP command every 10
minutes as in 1.0.x. This caused a lot of crashes in the 1.0.x series
(gotta love race conditions and all that). The main reason, however,
that 1.1 no longer sends a NOOP every 10 minutes is because I removed an
abstraction layer from the IMAP code (CamelRemoteStore, which is the
class that had the timeout) because CamelRemoteStore was awful and
caused more problems than it solved.

Since you can configure your IMAP account to auto-send-receive every X
minutes, there's no reason you even need the auto-10-minute-NOOP anyway,
just configure it to auto-send-receive every 10 minutes instead. This is
what I do and rarely if ever seem to have the disconnected problem.


On Fri, 2002-07-05 at 11:00, Ryan P Skadberg wrote:
I think I saw something about this at one point on the list, but I can't
remember exactly what the answer/reason was.

In Evo 1.0.X, once I connected to my IMAP store, I stayed connected all
day and had no troubles.  In the current 1.1 snapshots, I am constantly
getting disconnected from my IMAP store (which forces me to do a
Send/Receive to re-connect.  I looked in my logs and it shows IMAP doing
an auto-logout.  It seems like this never happened in the past.  I think
someone (Not Zed, maybe), said something about not sending something to
the IMAP store because it was not supported by all IMAP servers and
thats why this was happening.  If I am right about that, is there some
way to make it an option to send this flag?  It's rather frustrating to
have Evo pop up a message at least 3 or 4 times a day because I have
lost my connection to my IMAP store.


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