[Evolution] Unable to send mail!


Whenever Evolution tries to send my messages I get the following error:
Error while performing operation:
Could not connect to smtp.wanadoo.be (port (465): Resource temporarily 

But this temporarily has been for the last 3 days...
I haven't heard from my ISP yet, but I could send messages without a 
problem using Eudora under Win98SE, so I gues that's not the problem.

Before you ask: yes I have read the faq, yes I have the message about 
authentication, but I tried all different settings: with and without SSL, 
with and without authentication.  So is there some other setting I have 
missed? Is it a strange error of my ISP? I'm lost...

BTW how does Evolution determine the port? Is this a standard port used by 
SMTP servers (like the 8080 port for http) or has Evolution already 
contacted the server in some way?

I really like this groupware, so I would very much like to be able to use 
to send email... Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Bram Mertens
bram-mertens linux be

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