Re: [Evolution] Chinese support in Evolution?

On Fri, 2002-07-05 at 10:58, Spencer Cheng wrote:
Yes, it's me again. Sorry.

I found bug #21208 which describes the problem I am having. It is only a
wishlist. There is significant push for Linux in places like China.
Evolution is currently not viable for these people. This is a
Showstopper for 1/4 to 1/2 of the potential world market.

Well that bug is not entirely accurate.  We know of several Korean and
Japanese users who successfully use Evolution.  And it looks mainly like
a font selection problem.

But yeah, its got a way to go before it is perfect.

Since there is such a large potential market, presumably there is also a
large potential developer base - local expertise is probably required in
this case to get the best result.  And evolution is a free project for a
reason - patches for this would be welcome.

What's the process to get this bug raised in priority?

I have no idea ... (i dont work in the office).

Some of this is supposed to be addressed with the gnome 2 platform - so
I think the gtkhtml guys are trying not to expend excessive effort on
something that will be replaced eventually anyway.  The gnome2 port is
several months away from even starting though.

On Thu, 2002-07-04 at 20:36, Spencer Cheng wrote:
Bad etiquette I know to followup my own message but I did a bit more
experimentation. If I copy the same mailbox  to the Mozilla mail
directory, the messages that contains Chinese GB2312 encoded characters
does render properly using Mozilla. 

This tells me that the encoding in the messages are correct but gtkhtml 
and the component that renders the message header panel is rendering
these fonts properly.

Does anyone have any clues as what might be broken?

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