Re: [Evolution] Evolution on OS X problem

On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 16:50, Jeff Self wrote:

host: (the ip address of my linux box)
username: jeff

Configuring such an IP address as the destination is a bad thing (tm).
Should, for some reason, your IP address change and your stuff will not
work anymore. You can use '', which is the loopback, and that
always works even if you do not have any physical network adapter.

Error while 'Opening store
imap://jeff 192 168 0 100/;use_lsub;check_all':
Host lookup failed: host not found.

Aha, it seems he tries to resolve the host name '', which
is already resolved. What if you use 'localhost' instead of

localhost's ip is, so it may (or may not) solve your issue.


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