Re: [Evolution] account passwords query/suggestion

On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 07:29, Not Zed wrote:

It might have been partially fixed, I *think* we only re-ask for
passwords if the error was a password failure, not sure.

Is a password failure a common error? Seems to happen to me a fair
I'm not fond of the idea of hiding the fact that things aren't working,
users then complain when evolution sat there looking all hoopy but it
hasn't downloaded any new mail all day because of an error it knew about
but hid.

I understand. I know you don't like hearing about other mail clients too
much, but Outlook just puts an error icon which you can then click on to
find out whats happening. Alternatively, what if the popup happens after
3 consecutive errors (this should give the server/network time to get
its act together), rather than being triggered by the first failure?


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