Re: [Evolution] account passwords query/suggestion

On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 11:38, danny wrote:
I have a DSL connection and my computer is always on and checking mail,
most days get errors back from mail servers I have accounts with
relating to an error with the password, and a popup to re-enter the
password. Even if I cancel the popup, it asks for the password again for
that account on the next try. Remember password doesn't seem to work in
this case.

Could account checking only give popups if the mail check was manually
started? For automatic checking, the last attempt could be logged, but
just ignore the error and try again the next time it's due. This would
save re-entering passwords and closing popups all day.

Of course if there is a setting I've missed or it's been fixed in 1.2
please let me know.

It might have been partially fixed, I *think* we only re-ask for
passwords if the error was a password failure, not sure.

I'm not fond of the idea of hiding the fact that things aren't working,
users then complain when evolution sat there looking all hoopy but it
hasn't downloaded any new mail all day because of an error it knew about
but hid.

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