Re: [Evolution] Local store for IMAP accounts

FYI peabody has changed the UIDVALIDITY on me several times and several
other people at Ximian so this isn't quite true. In fact, this is what
drove me to fix the command-lines-can-be-too-long-for-the-imap-server


On Mon, 2002-07-01 at 09:32, Dan Winship wrote:
2. I haven't figured out when this happens, but every so often,
evolution will query the server for the headers of the entire inbox
(it'll say "opening folder", "downloading header information for new
messages" etc in the status line. In the process, it loses all the
cached messages; when you go offline now you can only look at the
messages that you've opened/previewed since evolution rescanned the

the IMAP server probably changed the UIDVALIDITY tag, which means that
the IMAP server has assigned brand new UIDs to each message in that
particular folder. This can happen at any time.

while the server *can* do this at any time, in general it will only do
it if you mess around with its data files behind its back. Eg, if you're
using UW or Courier imapd, and you rune Pine or some other mailer
directly on your mail files on the server machine, rather than always
accessing them only through IMAP.

-- Dan

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