Re: [Evolution] Pan integration into Ximian-Evolution

On Mon, 2002-07-01 at 05:03, Almotasim wrote:

I was wondering if it would be feasable to get Pan integrated into
Ximian-Evolution (or the other way round if you prefer), so that we
could handle news messages and email messages the same way (in
particular to store/search/classify messages of course).

searching news messages isn't very easy, i.e. you basically have to
download the headers, as not many servers support the proposed nntp
search standard (which expired anyway).

Bonobo component model should allow this easily; I guess there's only a
licensing issue (or not).

Dont really understand what you mean anyway - embed pan inside
evolution, or do you mean embed evolution-mail in pan?  Or do you mean
make pan use camel?  Or have camel use pan's mail handling code

Apart from the high-level notion of a 'mail application', the
abstraction doesn't really cross many reusable boundaries in this way.

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