Re: [Evolution] Mail logins with @ in userid?


The id presented in the password dialog is NOT what it sends to the
server, it only sends everything before the last @.

In the UI we append the bit to make it more clear which
account we are prompring for.

For example, I have several email addresses all with username 'fejj', if
Evolution did:

"Please enter your password for fejj:" it would be pretty ambiguous.

That being said, there is a bug report to somehow use the account name
in this passphrase dialog rather than username domain com however we
need to first figure out how to do this since the account name is only
known by the gui and the backend (aka camel) only has access to the
account URL (ie, imap://fejj ximian com/;use_ssl)


On Sun, 2002-06-30 at 22:22, Peter Kiem wrote:
I have recently switched my email server over to a MySQL driven system where 
the pop3 userid is their full email address (joe hiscorp com).

One of my customers seems to be having problems with logging in with 

Evolution doesn't appear to be using his login exactly as he entered it but 
adding on the mailserver on the end so the end result is Evolution is 
attempting to log in as joe hiscorp

He is having no problems if he uses Outlook or Outlook Express.

Is this a known Evolution problem? Any suggestions?

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