Re: [Evolution] Importing Outlook Addressbook

In case others have the same problem: I tried to use the great outport
program, which seemed to have a problem with the fact that my copy of
Outlook is German. In any case I got segfaults when I started evolution
with the outport-generated database.

I decided to export my contacts as VCards (still using outport), cat'ing
all vcards together in a file (isn't it great when everything is a text
file?), and importing that file into Evolution, which worked great.

Thanks to all for your help, and special thanks to Paul for his outport
program. IMHO it would be worth a link somewhere in the Evolution FAQ.


On Thu, 2002-01-17 at 16:02, Paul Thompson wrote:
On Thu, 2002-01-17 at 09:38, Reinhard Müller wrote:
Hello all,

Is there a way to import the names and email addresses from the Outlook
2000 contacts folder to the Evolution contacts folder?

I only need email addresses, not the other information like street, city
or whatever.

You can either export your contacts to a .csv file and use the new
import .csv script in Evolution 1.01, or you can use a program I wrote
at, which will export all of
your contact information to the format Evolution uses, but you'll need
to copy the files generated from a Windows box to your Linux box,


Reinhard Müller
BYTEWISE Software GmbH
A-6890 Lustenau, Enga 2
Tel +43 (5577) 89877-0
Fax +43 (5577) 89877-66

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