[Evolution] Very high memory usage


I have noticed that my memory usage in Evolution (via gtop) grows very
high very quickly. This morning, I started E and it immediately went to
55 meg in evolution-mail and another 30 meg in the rest of Evolution.

Then I did a Send/Receive and it poll 4 mailboxes (retreiving about 120
messages.) At the end of this process the evolution-mail processes added
up to just over 200 meg.

I closed E and restarted it. Usage went back down to 55 meg until I
checked mail, then it started growing again.

Any ideas?

John Harlow, President BravePoint
jharlow BravePoint com
Voice: (770)449-9696         Fax: (770) 449-9003
www.BravePoint.com Progress,Web and Java Specialists

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