Re: [Evolution] Reloading Summary-Screen does not work

If i add another weather station to the summary, evo will just update
*this* and only *this* station one time. Previously configured weather
stations are not beeing updated.

Same with news-channels: Evo will only update newly added channels but
not the old ones (sometimes it does not even update the new ones...).

How do you know that they're not being updated?

Or maybe i just need a few hints to solve that problem on my own:
      - which tool downloads the news / weather data?
      - in which directory / file is this data stored?

- evolution/my-evolution/e-summary-weather.c

The data isn't stored anywhere. It's held in memory until it's updated.

but tv says "surface irony" is funny...don't you watch saturday night
live, man?

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