[Evolution] PGP/GPG sign verification problems.

Hallo to everybody,

Today I discovered some problems with verification of PGP signs in
evolution. I use evolution 1.0 from the Debian package evolution_1.0-5.
I have tested two cases.

When a signature is attached to an e-mail, the signature is claimed to
When the message is encrypted and signed using inline PGP, I am being
asked for the PassPhrase two times. After the first ask the message it
is decrypted correctly, but after the second ask nothing is being done,
and no information about the signature varification is reported.

Pine + pgp4pine works fine in the two cases.
I am sure, that this feature was working correctly in at least one of
the Debian-packaged version of Evolution.

Kind regards,
Miroslaw Sankowski (PIT OG) <msankowski pit gda pl>
PGP key: -------------------------------------------------------------
         http://www.pit.gda.pl/~msankowski/msankowski.asc (ID 462B4D1E)
Address: -------------------------------------------------------------
         Przemyslowy Instytut Telecomunikacji, Oddzial Gdanski
         Telecommunications Research Institute, Gdansk Division
         ul. Hallera 13, 80-401 GDANSK, POLAND

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