Re: [Evolution] Attachment bug

You'll notice that your attached message text is a
multipart/alternative. Each part in a multipart/alternative is supposed
to be an alternative way of viewing the message (hence the name). This
means that you can either view the text/plain part, the text/html part,
OR the application/zip part - but not all 3. Evolution chooses to
display the text/html part because that is the richest way of viewing a
message that Evolution supports (this is what the mailer is supposed to

So technically, Evolution is doing EXACTLY what the specification says
to do... the problem is that the mailer that sent you this message is
NOT doing what the specification says to do. Thus, the mailer that sent
this message is broken.

Mutt displays the zip file because mutt does not respect the
multipart/alternative spec.

We are wworking on finding a hackish solution to detect when mailers
send us (Evolution) broken multipart/alternative (and multipart/related)
messages that *SHOULD* have been declared as multipart/mixed instead. 

What exmh does (and I like it) is to have a right-click menu enabled
for multipart/alternatives that allows you to choose between the

   - Ian

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