[Evolution] IMAP question.

Hi all,

I have just installed our new mailsolution consisting of Postfix and Cyrus

Of course we want to use Evolution as our mailclient.

I tried with the standard UW-imapd at first but when switching to
"offline" Evolution crashed.(I have reported this to bugzilla)
Now i have switched to Cyrus and will continue to use that.

However, the Evolution bug persists, Evolution
crashed when connected to the IMAP server and choosing offline.
(Using SSL enabled IMAP)

I have tried this from three different workstations to be certian that
this is a bug.

We are all using Redhat 7.2, Ximian Gnome and the latest RedCarpet version
of Evolution (1.02).

But, i guess that will be solved.

However, my question are, in the offline mode, doses Evolution syncronize
the whole mail + attachemnts or just the headers ?

I really need it to sync the whole mail to have it with on travel.

Is this configurable ?
(I have set "Subscribe" on all my folders.

Hints anyone ?


Daniel Persson

Westbo Linux User Group         ---> http://wlug.westbo.se
A swedish site about Gnome      ---> http://wlug.westbo.se/gnome
My personal pages               ---> http://wlug.westbo.se/~myrridin

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