Re: [Evolution] duplicate contacts

On Mon, 2002-02-04 at 07:46, Xavier Bestel wrote:
No. I don't own a Palm.
The problem with duplicates is that I can't delete them, otherwise both
of them disappear ...

I vaguely remember having a similar problem a few months ago.  I can't
remember exactly what I did, but based on input from the list, I created
a subfolder, copied all my contacts to it, removed them from the main
folder, and then moved the ones from the subfolder back up.

Before doing that though, I'd make a backup of your addressbook.db.  I
can't remember if the steps I gave are correct.  But it sure sounds like
a corrupt database.



le lun 04-02-2002 à 05:22, Neil Weisenfeld a écrit :
Are you using the Pilot sync conduits?


On Sun, 2002-02-03 at 16:58, Xavier Bestel wrote:

I have some duplicates in the contacts list. They are effectively
duplicated in the addressbook.db file. Is this a known bug, is there a
workaround or should I file it ?


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